Laptop Guitarist Alert: Hot Hand USB Discontinued

This makes me sad. From when I first encountered Source Audio, back when the original Hot Hand was still tethered to the pedals by a cable, I encouraged the company to target laptop jockeys. I was thrilled when they introduced the Hot Hand USB. It seemed like such a good idea at the time: a way for DJs and electronica musicians to stop looking like they were reading their email, as filter sweeps and other effects could be connected to the performer through their hand movements. I even figured out how to use it with guitar without tying up either hand. (See video below and read the article here ). Unfortunately it never caught on and is being discontinued. If it looks like something you could use, grab one now while they last.


One thought on “Laptop Guitarist Alert: Hot Hand USB Discontinued

  1. That was a great idea you had. It complemented my experiments with using a kinect to locate my position and alter patches based on where I stood. Maybe I should pick up a spare hot hand or I’ll be having to code things myself.

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