Lap Steel meets the Antares ATG 1

When we posted on the Antares ATG 1, some readers thought it was a crutch for players who couldn’t tune their instruments. The always amazing Bill Walker demonstrates that it is, in fact, a crutch for lap steel players who don’t want to have to learn pedal steel. Kidding aside, his beautifully musical video points out the enormous potential and great sound of this cool device.


3 thoughts on “Lap Steel meets the Antares ATG 1

  1. Fantastic – in this demo it sounds amazing. Way out of my price range and any reasonable time I have to explore it, at least for now, but what an incredible piece of gear. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bills work really is always very nice and pushes some technological boundaries that I really appreciate.

    I said it when the ATG came out and believe it even more now – this is a VERY under appreciated, even misunderstood processor. It think it is done a huge disservice to be presented/marketed as a way to tune your guitar. This is a serious guitar processor with the best pitch shifting ive ever heard for guitar. The creative possibilities of the ATG are huge.

    Keep it up Bill – I’m sure you are just scratching the surface.

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