JamOrigin MIDI Guitar 2 Out of Beta and Awesome

If you haven’t got JamOrigin’s MIDI Guitar yet, all I can say is, “What are you waiting for?” From the start, it has been an amazing way to use your guitar to control synths, samplers, and all things MIDI—without any special hardware or pickups. With the finalization of Beta 14, JamOrigin has put the icing on the cake, adding the ability to split the fretboard, an awesome sustain pedal, and a new GUI, among other things. I especially like the way the new Deep Expressor effect allows me to turn my guitar into a banjo. Whether standalone, plug-in, app or all three, you need this product.

MIDI Guitar 2 BETA 14 is now available to customers. It’s a big update with a new user interface and lots of new modules and features. BETA14 marks the end of the BETA testing phase. It is now feature complete and JamOrigin will now focus on fixing any last bugs reported and user interface tweaks. Current users should let them know when experiencing unexpected behavior, as new bugs may have arisen as there are so many changes. You can reply to support@jamorigin.com

The new Deep guitar effects are somewhat like traditional guitar effects, yet distinctly new. They rely on MIDI Guitar’s underlying tracking technology to change your tone with no loss of expressiveness and zero latency.

The two Deep effects included are a harmonic EQ, and Deep Expressor which offers sustain without compression, per string compression, transient/pluck control, clean hex distortion and direct harmonic access via drawbars. Jam Origin promises more on this front in the future.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.18.47 AM

What’s else is new?

All new responsive user interface avoiding modal dialogs

Full screen mode and resizable window with adjustable font sizes and color contrasts

Accurate Tube and Solid-State preamp models (thanks to Matthieu Brucher/AudioTK)

Overdrive effect (based on the famous yellow overdrive pedal)

Screamer effect (based on the famous green screamer pedal)

Convolution reverb generator

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.20.21 AM

Sync control to synchronize your guitar tone with the instrument tone

Sampler built in. SFZ sample banks simply appear as “instruments”

MIDI Legato – via MIDI note overlap

MIDI Sustain for flexible foot-controlled piano-sustain/hold function (Use spacebar as a poor mans expression/sustain pedal)

MIDI Transpose for foot controller/velocity-based/fixed transposing

MIDI Bassline for splitting bass notes and play your own backing

MIDI Arpeggiator

MIDI Monitor

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.21.38 AM

Plugin scanner has “fast” and “safe” scan options

Add single plugin file

Select input channel for external midi inputs

Search in plugin dialogs by typing any keyboard sequence

Default patches and midimachines can be restored via preferences

JamOrigin data folder and log can be opened via preferences

Old Macs: The 32-bit standalone application for Mac is no longer included in the Mac distribution (if you really need this, let them know), but a new legacy version for MacOSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) is available.


Customers: Run any previous version of MIDI Guitar 2 to get an update notification and submit your email, right when it starts up.

Non-customers: A new trial version is available.


2 thoughts on “JamOrigin MIDI Guitar 2 Out of Beta and Awesome

  1. One of my favourite guitarsynth programs/machines. Been using it since a couple of years and haven’t looked back to the Roland-stuff. i can plug in any guitar or stringed instrument and start playing. (almost) No setup necessary. Love it!

  2. Very cool. That said they’re doing themselves no favors with those internal sounds and the baroque playing examples. YIKES! HAHAHA! They need to trigger Absynth and let’er rip!

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