Jam Origin MIDI Guitar: The Full Review

It may seem like I am devoting  a lot of blog space to the new Jam Origin MIDI Guitar but, trust me, it is a game changer. Here is my full review in Electronic Musician. And below is another video, by David Wallimann, that goes through some of the features. He seems as excited as I am. If you have been put off in the past by the expense, hassle, and tracking issues of MIDI guitar, those days are over.


15 thoughts on “Jam Origin MIDI Guitar: The Full Review

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  3. Can I control Midi external devices?
    I use Logic to producer my podcast.
    I would love a guitar midi interface to control my Prophet 12 and Moog Voyager, but i have not seen this software in a Logic environment controlling external synths. Is this possible and does it work as well?

    • You can use the external midi in logic! However, you do need to pick up a USB to MIDI cable. Those are very cheap (~$20) and work great (I suggest Mio). Then you just do some fiddling with ins and outs and you should be all set.

  4. I just bought the tripleplay. Spent hours trying to register some of the soft synth software. Stuff I decided I might nevere use. I have been using my Roland GM-70 and GK-1for years. If it wasn’t for the latency , I would still be using it. Time to update. The videos on the tripleplay make it look simple. All I need is to play background music while picking. Maybe a looper in the software if possible. I love my D-50 sounds still with my U-110 sound module. I found how to trigger them from Studio One. All I need is a good midi controller. For $ 400 for triple play, that seems steep. I don’t need all that software it comes with. They should just sell the unneeded software separately. Just sell the controller stand alone for cheaper. I am going to check out the Midi Guitar.

  5. So how does this compare to Fishman’s “Triple Play” offering? I can’t seem to find a good pros/cons to each anywhere. Thanks for any insight.

    • I have used both and I would say it depends on what you plan to use the synth guitar for. If you need to split the fretboard and play different sounds on different strings, go with the Fishman. The Jam Origin won’t do that. The Fishman also oes some other cool things theMIDI Guitar plugin won’t do. You can set it to filter differently as you play up the neck, and things like that. However, if you just want to trigger some soft synth or sampler sounds with your guitar, the MIDI Guitar tracks as well as the Fishman and is much cheaper and easier to set up and use.

      • Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. Yeah, I was familiar with the Triple play string assigning…just wasn’t sure about how Jam Origin worked in regards to amp modeling, sound libraries and how it compares to Triple play or Roland in regards to sound quality. I found a few videos on Youtube, but they all seem to only show piano and a couple of other effects.

        I suppose I’ll try the free Garageband download and give it a whirl. I’m probably going to purchase the Triple Play tomorrow. The only hesitation I have with it is dealing with the clunky software (at least that’s what a lot of users say). Cool stuff indeed. Thanks for the input and article here.

  6. I was one of the beta testers and I can say that this software is really awesome… revolutionary…

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