IK Multimedia iRing

IK Multimedia has been concentrating heavily on the iOS market in recent years and the increasing use of iOS devices by musicians seems to testify to their prescience. Their latest effort, iRing ww.ikmultimedia.com/products/iring/, takes the Hot Hand concept, originated by Source Audio, to iPhones and iPads.

Though they call the controllers rings, you actually grasp them between two fingers, like some guitarists will “palm” a pick when they pick with their fingers. In addition to controlling iOS devices the iRing will apparently send MIDI control messages to your computer, enabling it to modify parameters on software. The rings look way cool, though it remains to be seen how easy it is to play guitar while using them. We will try to get this in for a review asap, but for a mere $24.99 you get not one but two rings—what could be bad?




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