IK Multimedia iRig HD and AmpliTube 3.0

AmpliTube remains my favorite amp and effect modeling software. I even wrote a book about it. They have offered an iOS version for a while now, along with iRig, an elegant mobile guitar interface. This month sees the release of new versions of both: iRig HD and AmpliTube 3.0, featuring AmpliTube Studio.

iRig HD

amplitube 3

iRig HD

iRig HD ($99.99/€79.99) is a compact digital interface that allows yo to easily plug your instrument into an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. It features an ultra-slim design that fits in any gig bag, backpack, computer case or pocket, and comes with interchangeable adapter cables to provide universal device compatibility.


iRig HD supports any digital audio processing app, but it comes with the AmpliTube App, an expandable rig complete with virtual effects pedals, amplifiers, speakers and a recorder, plus four new virtual amps and effects available exclusively for HD users. AmpliTube FREE can be expanded via in-app purchase with the entire range of AmpliTube apps. It is class compliant, so it can be used with any mobile app, like Apple’s GarageBand, that supports digital audio processing.


iRig HD can also be used on Mac laptops and desktops to take advantage of the superior processing power of the Mac OS platform. For Mac users, iRig HD comes with AmpliTube Custom Shop, a free amp/effects application and DAW plug-in, which allows you to choose from hundreds of amplifiers and effects from manufacturers like Fender, Ampeg, Orange, and Soldano.  AmpliTube Metal, a collection of high-gain amps and distortion stomp boxes, is also included for free. AmpliTube software can be used as a standalone amp and effects processing powerhouse, or as a plug-in with many popular digital audio workstation (DAW) programs, such as GarageBand or Logic.


The other news is that IK’s AmpliTube app now adds a complete multi-track Studio with timeline audio editing for arranging, editing, mixing and mastering; a built-in programmable drummer; and export features for sharing creations.


AmpliTube is Audiobus compatible, which means that it can be used simultaneously with up to 4 other compatible audio apps. Players can use other IK apps like SampleTank, iLectric Piano or iGrand Piano; record material directly into the AmpliTube recorder or studio section; or use the AmpliTube signal chain as a tone generator, effects processor or recorder for other apps like GarageBand.

Studio is an extension of the AmpliTube recorder. It starts as a single-track recorder, and can be expanded to 4-track (iPhone/iPod touch) or 8-track (iPad). The multi-track recorder has features like effects send and master multi-effects.


In Studio, you will see your audio tracks on a timeline with a waveform display, much like a DAW. Audio regions can be manipulated with commands and controls: cut, copy, paste, delete, normalize, split (at playhead), create fades and crop clips. Clips can be moved and adjusted with a gesture for precise alignment, and a grid feature provides “snapping” of regions to the timeline. Recording into a track is as simple as touching it, arming it and hitting record.

AmpliTube 3.0 is a free update for all previous users and it’s available now on the AppStore both as a free or paid app for iPhone/iPod touch or iPad for only $19.99 for new users. The new Studio feature is available as in-app purchase for ony $9.99 (iPhone) and $14.99 (iPad) for users who have already purchased the multi-track recorder, or at a special bundle price that includes also the multi-track recorder for new users.



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