Ibanez Offers Affordable Kaoss Powered Guitar and Bass

For those suffering from Muse envy, Ibanez and Korg have teamed up to create the RGKP6 and SRKP4, mini kaoss pad 2S equipped guitar and bass. The detachable “fast-swap” design is ready to accept new generations of Kaoss technology. At a proposed neighborhood of $400 (Street), you won’t need Matthew Bellamy or Christopher Wolstenholme’s cash reserves to get one. Check out the video for a quick look at some of the basics. GM review is coming soon.


One thought on “Ibanez Offers Affordable Kaoss Powered Guitar and Bass

  1. I have been wondering what the price on these devices and I’m glad it’s come in at that mark.
    Even though I’ve seen it derided by many online as a gimick etc. But it’s the type of system I’ve been waiting for and would love to try someday. Maybe even own at some point.

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