Hot Hand USB

Here I am using the Source Audio Hot hand USB in my first performance as a duo with drummer, laptop artist Robert Bond. I am using it to control Ableton Live’s Auto Filter, as well as the feedback on the Tal Dub Delay. You can hear the filtering get brighter and the feedback increase as I raise the guitar neck, and hear the runaway feedback disappear as I lower it. I have placed the ring on the neck so I can use it with an EBow, as I can’t move either hand away from the guitar.

Stay tuned for a dedicated video about this amazing device.


2 thoughts on “Hot Hand USB

  1. Great application of combined technologies, Michael! I tried using the HotHand Wah with an eBow last year but on the same hand it’s pretty ineffective, ha… The guitar neck, though! That’s smart. (And it’s good music, to boot.)

    Here’s to exploring the musical potential of sensors and smart stuff…I’m currently seeking software developers to help me turn the accelerometer in my Google Glass into a HotHand-esque controller, if you know anybody!

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