Foot-Free Pedalboard

Xact Tone Solutions in Nashville recently had an opportunity to build a rig for a client with special accessibility needs and the end result should be interesting to all. The client is a paraplegic, with limited to no use of his lower extremities, and thus cannot use a traditional pedalboard. However, after an extensive consultation and build process Xact Tone came up with a set of gear, including the Guitar Wing, that gives all the functionality of a typical board and much more.

Greg Walton of Xact Tone says, “He’s told us it’s really a game changer for him. He now has access to the tones and features he wants as a guitar player. We’re honored to have been a part of it. When it comes to gear, it is truly is a great time to be a guitar player. If there’s guitar player out there who is disabled and frustrated, we’d hope this would be an encouragement to them.”

Typical guitar players could also benefit from a rig like this, in that they would not be tied to the part of the stage where their pedalboard resides.


7 thoughts on “Foot-Free Pedalboard

  1. I assume this rig still requires the use of a computer or iOS/Android device for communication between the Guitar Wing and Kenton USB-MIDI host. If only the Kenton was Bluetooth enabled!

  2. This is swell, but there are also wireless switching systems for pedalboards now, which also liberate the player from any specific spots on stage. Not sure how many bands are using them, but the guys in Slayer are in love with the system they’re using. A Samson, I think…

    • If I understand you, there are wireless pedalboard switchers but you still need to be near the switcher to step on it. The Guitar Wing set up allows you to be anywhere, including out in the audience.

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