Express Yourself

Using the Keith McMillen SoftStep (or any other MIDI switcher) with your laptop but wish it had more expression pedal inputs? Eowave offers the USB Foot Control, allowing you to input up to four CC controllers.

This USB hub for 4 footswitches/pedals (format jack). It will automatically recognize what kind of signal is plugged in (continuous for expression pedals or on/off for footswitches). Eowave FootControl will be recognized by your computer as any USB interface. It is delivered with a free editor. No MIDI interface needed. 100% MIDI compatible. Eowave FootControl can be used directly with any music software. An ingenious new tools for every musicians!

4 jack inputs
1 USB input
100% MIDI compatible
accepts any pedals and/or footswitches (14″ jack format)
Toggle switch feature


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