Electro-Harmonix SUPEREGO+ Synth Engine/Multi Effect

Mike Matthews & Co have done it again. Beginning with The Freeze and continuing on through the original Superego, the company started down a path of sample and hold effects that modern guitarists like Bill Frisell, Eric Chenaux, and others found essential to their sound. The Superego+ adds built-in effects, including pitch shifting and expression pedal control to create a modern guitar effect masterpiece. Bill Ruppert’s demo is outstanding as always:


2 thoughts on “Electro-Harmonix SUPEREGO+ Synth Engine/Multi Effect

  1. I’m continually amazed by the creative and far reaching sounds that EH pedals can create. If I was to switch back to using pedals (rather than a VG-99 and laptop) I’d absolutely base my board around the Eventide H9 and a bunch of EHX pedals. I’m really enjoying some of the unique sound of the hexaphonic freeze that exists in the VG-99, and love to dream what would happen if/when we can combine some hex processing with some of the creative ideas that EHX comes up with.

  2. I’m probably one of the very few who failed to fall in love with the original SuperEgo.
    First I tried the Freeze, but being unable to operate it other than table-top for my own condition, thought that SuperEgo could do the trick for me, with its own Auto feature.
    It just didn’t increase my heart rate in itself, and even if there were encouraging results with an Eventide H9 in its Send-Ret loop, I couldn’t afford to loose said H9 entirely as the sidechain buddy of the SuperEgo, not to mention that it took to long to tweak both the SE and the H9 any time my soundscape was in need of a different shade of lush.
    Which makes the new SuperEgo+ a more-than-sensible addition to EHX’s range, in my humble opinion, and quite a solid proof that EHX takes users’ feedback seriously, too.

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