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You could say Eivind Aarset started this whole Guitar Moderne thing. It was discovering his work with trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær that started me searching YouTube for video of him playing live, long before I got to see him play in Montreal, New York, and London. Through that search, I discovered other players and the rest is history. It has been a while since his 2012 release Dream Logic, a solo project for ECM, and another YouTube discovery: a workshop he did in Istanbul revealed some new gear. I reached out and Eivind was kind enough to respond with some help in identifying the gear and some info as to what he has coming out.

I recognize the Superego, Alesis Bitrman, Jam Big Chill tremolo, the iPad controlling an H-9, a Z.Vex Fuzz Factory and your trusty Boss Delay. What are the other pedals, and what is that controller and what are you explaining at the end of this clip?

I am explaining how I set up my Korg Nano control for Ableton. The other pedals are an Iron Ether: Xerograph Deluxe filter, and a passive loop switcher from Jam.

Anything new on the floor?

On the floor I now have Boss OD, Mooer Black Secret distortion, Jam Wahcko wah, Jam Compressor, Morley volume, and two Eventide H9s. After this video was made I started to use a Boss compressor near the end of the chain (before the volume pedal), which I occasionally switch on to bring out all the noise and duck it.

Any new recordings coming out, in addition to the Bill Laswell produced Hu Vibrational?

A new record with Andy Sheppard  was just released on ECM, a new record with Anneli Drecker on Rune Grammofon (great Norwegian singer/composer, from the group Bel Canto, and sometimes Röyksopp). An album with Tigran Hamasyan, Arve Henriksen, Jan Bang and me on ECM turned out really good, and will be released in February 16. I have a new record coming out under my own name on Jazzland in September. It is much noisier than I what have done before.


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  2. Thanks for the update on this creative and unique musician, I have listened to the ECM label music since the 70’s , and yet it was only a few years back that I discovered this great guitarist. When I heard Eivind’s music for the first time my reaction was: Have I been living under a rock for the the last 30 years? Thanks for the update!!!

    • When I lived in San Francisco many years ago, I was on a recording date with Aina Kemanis (Alex Cline, Barre Phillips). She heard me play and said, “I just did a session with Marilyn Mazur and she had a guitarist on the date I think you would like. His name is Eivind Aarset.” Boy was she right.

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