Cool Pedal Alert: Pladask Elektrisk Gjengangar

From the country that gives us guitarists like Terje Rypdal, Eivind Aarest and Stian Westerhus comes the pedal company Pladask Elektrisk. Their first offering is a good one: Gjengangar (about 182.56 USD) is an experimental gate-delay that features a gate and an effect-loop allowing dynamic feedback control and the option to integrate other pedals to its circuit for interesting results. Its circuit is built around the medium-fidelity PT2399 delay chip. Check out the video.


4 thoughts on “Cool Pedal Alert: Pladask Elektrisk Gjengangar

  1. Their boutique effects cover a nice range of distortions, overdrives, boosts and tremolo pedals. They are special in size with a lot of their core offerings determining 3.642″ x 1.516″ (somewhat larger than a 9 volt battery). Their pedals additionally have really one-of-a-kind graphics to give them lots of ambiance.

    • Hi!
      Tuning in with some technical info. Actually any effect placed in the loop affects both the delayed and the direct signal. You can use it like a delayed feedback-looper.
      Also the pedal uses two PT2399s for added fidelity. The audio artifacts you hear when you crank up the delay time on most PT2399 delays is near inaudiable in Gjengangar. Not to say utilizing the PT2399 for lo-fi applications can’t sound cool!

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