Cool Pedal Alert: Hologram Electronics Microcosm

Every now and then, a pedal comes along that embodies the concept of modern electric guitar. Hologram Electronics’ Microcosm is one such pedal. Here is modern guitarist extraordinaire Mike Baggetta’s “non-demo,” where he shows you how to make music with it.  I also include Hologram Electronics’ specs and some other demo videos. Not a cheap pedal but not bad for something that is more like a musical instrument. ​ Pre-order is now open for the second batch of Microcosms, shipping in late June 2020.

Microcosm rearranges and reinterprets your sound in new and exciting ways using a variety of granular sampling, delay, and looping techniques. Cascading microloops can be locked into tight tap-tempo synced rhythms, diffused into glacial ambient textures, woven into hypnotic drones, and much more.

Microcosm’s 11 effects (with a total of 44 preset variations) allow you to slice, stretch, rearrange, and manipulate your playing. Tweak the sound further using Microcosm’s built-in pitch modulation, stereo reverb (with four selectable modes), and resonant lowpass filter.
The built-in stereo phrase looper can capture up to 60 seconds and allows for layering phrases from different effects. All loops, overdubs, and settings can be saved and recalled later using 16 user presets.

11 unique granular and looping effects with 44 preset variations
Stereo Input/Output
Expression Input, mappable to many controls
MIDI In/Out/Thru, clock synchronization
60 sec. Phrase Looper with many configuration options
16 User Preset slots for saving loops and settings
Stereo Reverb (with 4 reverb styles)
“Hold” sampler function to freeze effects and patterns
Adjustable Pitch Modulation
Resonant Lowpass Filter
Choose between True Bypass Switching / Buffered Bypass with trails
Tap Tempo

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