Cool Gear from Summer NAMM 2012

The summer show put on by the National Association of Music Merchants in Nashville, Tennessee was a guitar fest this year, with the majority of the booths dealing in electric and acoustic, guitar and bass instruments, as well as related products. Much smaller than the winter event in Anaheim, California, it affords extra time to  search out offbeat smaller companies that get lost in the massiveness of the January show. Here is a sampler of what Guitar Moderne thought might be of interest to our readers:

P3 gives new meaning to the term “amp head.”

P3 Amps offers distinctively modern looking amps, priced for those unaffected by the recession.

J. Backlund guitars should appeal to retro-future fans.

Another beauty from the man who kindly let us use a picture of one of his instruments for our homepage, Ulrich Teuffel

The Cusack Sub Fuzz offers octaves below the fundamental for some sonic mayhem.

No chance of looking like everyone else if you sport an Ergotar.

If you like to manipulate your pedal parameters in real time, the Option Knob might be for you.

This new Yamaha digital amp is a low-watt, battery powered, full combo good for quiet electro-acoustic gigs, practice, or recording.

Pedaltrain’s Volto powers a multitude of pedals for hours without plugging in to the wall, and when its battery runs down you can plug it in and keep playing while recharging.

The latest version of the Digitech Whammy does full polyphonic pitchshifting.

Heavy slice and dice fans will appreciate Z-Vex’s new extremely choppy tremolo.

Need a board for all those pedals? The small modules from Renovo Stompblox can be fit together in personalized patterns.

The Tasty Blender from Rock On Audio is a multi-featured stereo headphone mixer.   But we will let them explain.


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