Cool Gear Alert: Lava Me Pro

As I said about their travel-size instrument in my NAMM 2020 report: “This is what an acoustic guitar from future might look like. FreeBoost Technology on the pickups uses rear surface of the guitar as a speaker, complete with reverb, delay, and chorus, all without an amp.”  Now Lava has come out with a full size version with tap tempo and a 50% solo boost.  At $800 the mini-ME seemed a bit dear for a travel sized guitar but at around $1400, the Pro seems well within, er, pro pricing. As I also said then, it is great to see something truly new in the acoustic realm. Again, we have the lovely and talented Mary Spender to demo it.


One thought on “Cool Gear Alert: Lava Me Pro

  1. Yesterday I had the opportunity to try this guitar. In my opinion it has an absolutely amazing sound even when the electronics are off, when the electronics are on the overall impression is even more enhanced. I was determined to buy this instrument. Unfortunately, the piece I tried had a string height of E6 in octave position of 4 mm, which is absolutely crazy and the instrument was basically impossible to play properly, not to mention that when I pressed the string in higher positions there was a noticeable detuning. Due to the inability to adjust the string height with the neck brace and the inability to regulate such a high height by filing the neck, I didn’t buy the guitar. It’s a great shame to devalue such a good instrument by such a shortcoming. I’d rather not even try other models anymore, because I’m very disappointed.

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