Cool Gear Alert: Elta Effects

Thanks to a Facebook post by Naia Azumi, I discovered Elta Music devices . One of a growing number of pedal manufacturers who seem to be springing from the burgeoning modular market, Elta offers four effects in footswitchable packages that are bound to be of interest to the modern guitarist. First up is their String Ringer:

The String Ringer is a classic LT 44 transformer ring modulator. A modern replica of the Lovetone Ring Stinger, it has 1/4″ connections for almost every parameter. It is essentially a module that can be interfaced with any 1/4″ gear (or 3.5mm with converters). It has a built in modulator LFO, as well as a VCO to be used as either the Carrier or Modulator. There are three foot switches for LFO on, Bypass/Active, and Oct/ring.

Next we have the NitroFuzz:
This fuzz pedal provides different sounds and timbres, from high-gain and oscillative to 8bit-ish, torn and compressed.

Phase Locked Loop pedals are becoming popular in the boutique effects world, Earthquaker’s Data Corrupter being a prime example.
Elta Music’s PLL-4046 is another version of these analog harmonic synthesizers. Like the Data Corrupter, It turns your input signal into a square wave, and then multiplies or divides the frequency of that square wave, providing overtones and undertones from the original pitch. The signal can be multiplied and divided simultaneously, providing an effect like chords. The tracking of the pedal can be adjusted according to the loop track control. PLL-4046 features footswitchable fuzz, multiplier, divider effects all available simultaneously.

Finally, if you can’t decide which one you want, Elta’s Console pedal offers interchangeable effects cards as well as a cool joy stick that their Knobs-inspired video shows is foot operable.
There are 10 cartriges available for start. Each contains 3 effects.

Cathedral – Reverb and space effects
Magic – Pitched delays
Time – Classic Mod delays
Vibrotrem – Modulation efects
Filter – Filter and Wah
Vibe – Rotary phase mods
Pitch Shifter – Octave and Pitch
Infinity – Big ambient effects
String Ringer – Audio rate modulation
Synthex-1 – Bass Synth


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