Cool Gear Alert: Deimel LesLee Guitar.

I have been following Deimel Guitarworks on Instagram for a while. With creative wiring, pickups behind the bridge, and Piezos embedded at various points in the guitar, Frank Deimel has been in the forefront of creating instruments for experimental guitarists. His latest, the Firestar LesLee Synchronizer, combines a fascinating, built-in Leslie effect created by automatically switching between pickups, as well as the ability to synch with modular synths, or any device that uses CV.

The new and innovative Deimel Firestar LesLee Synchronizer lets you connect a guitar with a built in Pickup LesleeĀ® to a modular synth and output the audio in either mono or stereo. Utilising the wave in/wave out patch points on the additional LesLee Synchronizer box, the guitar can send or receive clock as well as other other control voltages to create synchronized effects between the guitar and modular synth. It is also possible to sync or slave to midi clock utilising a Midi to CV converter or CV to Midi module. This allows midi clock related applications, including syncing to DAW for recording as well as guitar to video sync for performing artists.

Here are some more videos, showcasing various feaures of the Firestar LesLee Synchronizer.


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