Console: Interchangeable Analog Effects

Tired of connecting those boutique pedals before the gig and worrying about which little cable is dysfunctional this time? Or, maybe you are just tired of paying $150-$300 for the pedals themselves.

Devi Ever, who offers a variety of extreme fuzz type effects out of Portland, OR. has a cool concept for a unit called Console that will accept more modestly priced effect cartridges.  This will allow you to bring a different, prewired, group of analog effects, depending on the gig, and reduce set up time. Other boutique manufacturers, like Analog Man and Trombetta, are ready to get on board after the launch. Check out the Kickstarter page and scroll down for full details.

Or check out this video. (Skip to about 2:30 if you want just the facts without the philosophy.)


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