In an effort to keep Guitar Moderne free to you the reader, I have decided to go with advertising as a business model. I know when I read the classic guitar magazines, I find the ads are what I turn to after I have worked my way through the content (sometimes even before). It is my feeling that if I can keep them relatively unobtrusive and curated toward gear of interest to the modern guitarist they will add (no pun intended) rather than detract from the Guitar Moderne experience.

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From my experience as a reader of other sites and as a contributor and editor at the classic mags I have amassed a few things I will NOT do:

I will not break up posts with ads, though some may appear between posts so they will show up on phones and pads.

ads for dummies

They will not flash, animate or change while you are reading, though they may change when you refresh or return to a page.

They will not be lame, i.e. “Guitar Teaches Hate This Method,” “Learn to Play The Blues/Jazz/Metal/Guitar in 10 Minutes,” etc., or feature sexy women touting strings— unless both my men and women readers want those ;-).

There are a plethora of products out there that are very cool and fun to check out, whether or not you buy them. I hope you will click through to some, so advertisers feel they are getting their money’s worth.

If any of you are product manufacturers, please contact me for pricing and placement availability.

ad with us

This is an experiment. I am going to try to manage it myself so there may be some glitches in the site occasionally. Please bear with me.

As always please post your thoughts or comments on the Community page. I will be pinning this post to the top for a while so please scroll down for new posts.

Thanks for all your kind words and support so far.



3 thoughts on “Advertising

  1. Hey Michael,

    Sounds fine to me. This is such a great site and I’ve found lots of cool new stuff here. I’m happy to see it earn a few $ to support itself.

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