Adrian Belew Rig Rundown

My homies at Premier Guitar went to the Adrian Belew Power Trio’s Nashville venue to do one of their fabulous rig rundowns. Check it out here and go to the Guitar Moderne gear tour for a glimpse of the “Magic Closet” they reference here. This may be the ultimate modern guitar rig.


2 thoughts on “Adrian Belew Rig Rundown

  1. Was surprised to learn that Adrian has apparently opted out of the next round of King Crimson with Fripp. Anyone got the back story — or is it simply that he’s so busy with FLUX and other projects that he doesn’t have time/interest? Have yet to take the Flux plunge… Although I intend to.

  2. Been waiting for this one for so long. Even though he regularly updates online so you kind of know what he has in his current rig its always good to look.
    Been an inspiration for years Mr. Belew.

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