Add A Bass To Your Guitar

A Little Thunder is a humbucker pickup that adds a bass signal to electric guitars with no physical modification (assuming you already have a humbucker in the neck position): no drilling, routing, adding extra strings, replacing 9V batteries, or using MIDI. You just need to remove an existing neck pickup, replace it with A Little Thunder, and pushing a button will add bass to the guitar’s lowest notes.

The controls for the pickup are on a custom designed pickup ring, and allow players to turn the bass sound on/off, choose an octave or two octaves below, and pick polyphonic (2 bass notes at once) or “low note priority mode” (detects the lowest note being played an only applies the effect to that note).

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2 thoughts on “Add A Bass To Your Guitar

  1. I’ve been dreaming of such a thing for years ! and I mean really: I thought about using a 2 pole pickup that would go to a different output than the main one and then to a bass amp. But all of my solutions were not very practical.
    THIS is perfect ! The Low Note priority feature is the icing on the cake, allowing to add a bassline without changing your technique.
    Now I’ll have to get a 2 HB guitar just to install this pickup. 🙂

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