A Banner Event

bannerNo not that Banner!

If you gaze higher, you will notice a big change at the Guitar Moderne website: our first advertisement! We are proud to introduce Premier Builders Guild as our first advertising partner.

Premier Builders Guild is a partnership of five boutique guitar and amp manufacturers (Fano, Tone King, Koll, Baker, Two-Rock) banding together to offer top quality at reasonable prices. They are emblematic of the type of advertising you will see at Guitar Moderne: quality products of interest to anyone serious about guitar. Click here to read my review of the fabulous Fano advertised (written long before there was any thought of advertising in GM).

banner 2Definitely not that Banner!

I encourage you to click on the ads and check out these products. If you are like many guitarists, the ads fill in the gap after reading the monthly print editions of the guitar mags cover-to-cover, and can be as much funto peruse as the articles. Here we hope they will be an addendum to our useful informative posts. We are still working out some of the formatting issues so bear with us.




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