One Person’s Ugly Is Another Person’s Awesome

“I’ve been trying to find a way for the terror and the beauty to live together in one song. I know it’s possible.” —Sonny Sharrock

I have that quote in my email signature. Digg felt they had to title this video “Swedish Shredder Finds The Ugliest Sounds A Guitar Can Make.” The jolly Freak Guitarist who posted it called it simply “Harmonics #5 – Mattias Eklundh Guitar Lesson.” Either way these are some great sounds.


Bill Frisell Documentary

Australian documentarian Emma Franz is making what looks to be a great film about seminal modern guitarist Bill Frisell. I contributed to the IndieGoGo campaign to help her finish and I highly recommend that those of you who have loved his music over the years do likewise. Let’s make this happen.