The Raoul Björkenheim Interview

When I first heard Raoul Björkenheim in his band Krakatau it was like hearing Hendrix as inspired by Coltrane. Björkenheim’s latest recording, Solar Winds [Long Song records] is, in fact, a Coltrane tribute on which his tone and go for broke playing style still recall Jimi. It has been six years since Guitar Moderne spotlighted the Finnish guitarist, so it seemed like time to catch up. Be sure to check out the recent performance videos as well.

Rehearsals’ Session for the new album SOLAR WINDS Records Day 1

Day 2

Juhani Aaltonen & Raoul Björkenheim Duo: Live at Rekola 1

Raoul Björkenheim TRIAD – “Transition”

“East Meets West” – Kamal Sabri, Gulfam Sabri and Raoul Björkenheim

Raoul Björkenheim, Joe Fonda, and Gerald Cleaver – “Light” Zürcher Gallery 06-05-17

Raoul Björkenheim eCsTaSy – “Drum Thing”

Tatu Rönkkö & Raoul Björkenheim

Björkenheim/Andersson/Nilsson – Salabim


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  1. Bullroarer from the Volition cd is a track featuring a shining example of fine guitar playing. Seeing people’s reaction is priceless.

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