The Peter Parcek Interview

This interview is a little different for Guitar Moderne. While I have featured, what I call, Roots Moderne records in the past, this is my first interview with a Roots Moderne player. Peter Parcek approaches the blues with the idea of making it his own, rather than presenting a retro reproduction of the genre. His record Mississippi Suitcase demonstrates a deep understanding of the blues coupled with an ear for modern sounds and production. When I learned that we both lived in London, albeit a couple of years apart, in the 60s, I thought it would also be fun to discuss some of the musicians we saw in that time and place, who were themselves pushing the blues envelope.



3 thoughts on “The Peter Parcek Interview

  1. So glad you went ahead and put this one together. I wasn’t aware of Peter before this, but I’m in now for sure.
    I agree the “blues purist” attitude is pretty lame. I like honesty in my music not genre. Same with Jazz, I don’t need no Lincoln Center in my gin!
    The original greats were inventers. Honoring that by being original is the art form.
    You guys reminded me of a lot of great shows I’ve been fortunate to see and I thank you for the up-to-date, blast from the past.
    Think I’ll throw on some Roy Buchanan now.

  2. You know F. Mac opened for my backup band with Freddie King in the late 60’s, right? 68 or 69 at 17 Steps in Flushing NY, produced by Aaron Fuchs (Tuff City records). As nasty as a bunch of blokes could be.

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