The John McLaughlin Interview

If anyone has ever advanced the guitar it would Maestro McLaughlin. He has a great new record out, Liberation Time, made all the more amazing by being recorded remotely. While making the Zoom press rounds, he graciously agreed to talk to my humble publication. We talk Miles, Mustangs, and my favorite band of his with Joey De Francesco and Elvin Jones/Dennis Chambers.

This was the only band I ever saw him with, and the record remains my favorite.

Here he is with the Mustang we discuss.


10 thoughts on “The John McLaughlin Interview

  1. Great interview with John McLaughlin. I saw the Mahavishnu Orchestra many times and they were one of the greatest bands ever. The interview reminded me of some of his other work like the trio with Elvin Jones and Joey Defrancesco and also Shakti. And Fripp ate all his chocolates!

  2. Michael,

    Just finished your piece with McLoughlin. Utterly superb. You guys really interfaced and boy did you do your homework before….that’s what made the difference.Enjoyed it immensely. Keep it up and happy birthday…

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