The Gerry Leonard Interview

In my video intro I say I first saw Gerry Leonard with Jonatha Brooke in in San Francisco. I might be wrong about that, but once I moved back to New York I saw him often in his guise as Spooky Ghost, both solo and with an amazing band, performing feats of looping magic while singing haunting, Gaelic-tinged, original songs. One of those nights, in a tiny Tribeca club, I found myself sitting practically on top of David Bowie as he checked Leonard out for his band. The rest is history as Gerry went on to be musical director for David Bowie’s Reality Tour and have his guitar  featured on Bowie records, “Heathen,” “Reality,” and “The Next Day.” We discuss that fateful night and much more.


3 thoughts on “The Gerry Leonard Interview

  1. Keep these interviews coming! A nice break from covid and Trump news. The added videos can take the afternoon into pure bliss!

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