The David Torn Fur Interview

A new Torn record is always a cause for celebration, but FUR/TORN is a bonanza for fans of the artist’s guitar playing. Performed solo, with no overdubs, it is distilled Torn—a reduction of pure tone, technique and ideas. He performs with his Ronin “Supastah” set clean and through a variety of hairy fuzz pedals (FUR?). We talked about the vagaries of the virus, what he looks for in a fuzz, our mutual admiration of the late John Abercrombie, and much more. The video and sound came out pristine, and given that we all have more time on our hands, I thought I would offer Guitar Moderne fans a chance to sit in on our unedited conversation. Enjoy and subscribe for more like this.


12 thoughts on “The David Torn Fur Interview

  1. There are numerous Prezens and Sun of Goldfinger recordings circulating around that he could put up for sale as downloads, if he doesn’t have official recordings.

  2. Thanks so much for this post. I played guitar again for the first time in over a month while I listened and every note felt perfect. It was like we were just hanging out together.
    I’m excited again.
    Stay well –

  3. That was fun to watch, I love the splattercell discs, still listen to them in my CAR CD!!! My family makes fun of me that I’m old tech!! Loved the fuzz pedal talk, may have to search out some Vids of the stuff mentioned!!!!

  4. Great interview / video. Although it’s good to read an interview having the back and forth made it even better. Hopefully, this is something you can do more of.

  5. Cool. Thanks for posting this for people to check out.

    I have loved DT’s playing for decades. Particularly DT’s work with David Sylvian (“Secrets of the Beehive” and the tour he did with DS following that recording), “Polytown” in 1993 or so, the Mick Karn recordings (coolest bass player EVER, IMO) that DT worked so hard on, the “Tripping over God” solo recording on the CMP label.

    More recently, I continue to enjoy Torn’s little vids of him jamming and experimenting from his home studio space (same place your Guitar Moderne chat here took place from).

    He’s an innovator in terms of sound and ideas, and a trooper in terms of being a veteran in the music biz and all that it implies (Joy and Pain). I have a lot of respect for him, and I really appreciate his vibe and his humor, too.


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