The Chris Sharkey Interview

Having published Guitar Moderne for over a decade, I remember when I had heard of most of the interesting modern guitarists out there. These days, there is a spate of names completely unknown to me coming over the transom (actually through email). Chris Sharkey is one, playing left-handed guitars strung standard, with chops to spare and a keen sense of  composition. His new record, Presets on Not Applicable Records eschews flurries of notes for new sounds, moods, and textures. We dive deep into Ableton Live, the joys of noise, the London scene in the 2000s and the Leeds scene of today.

Survival Skills (Chris Sharkey) – Live at Power Lunches, London (November 2014)

Chris Sharkey | Wrong Guitar | FX Pedals | Improvisation

Survival Skills (Chris Sharkey) – Live at Rich Mix (September, 2016)

ODB 16 – Charles Hayward // Chris Sharkey // Jack Wyllie (A)

“New Fashion” – SHIVER


Acoustic LadyLand – at Calmer, SLAK, late 2010

Acoustic Ladyland, live at Band on the Wall

Acoustic Ladyland The Mighty Q The Vortex London 11.12.10.MOV

“Blutey Shiney” – SHIVER


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