The Blake Mills Interview

I have wanted to talk to Blake Mills, well forever, but especially since he recorded Look, a collection of instrumental pieces recorded almost entirely with old Roland guitar synthesizers. Since then he has used the synths on Mutable Set, a group of dark, intimate, minimalist songs that create a unique world. More recently, he busted out the guitar synth for a few moments in Notes With Attachments (see videos below), yet another unique-sounding record created in conjunction with world-class bassist, Pino Palladino. This time I contacted him through Instagram and we connected. Our conversation ranges far and wide, as Mills proves as thoughtful as he is musical.



3 thoughts on “The Blake Mills Interview

  1. Totally love this … refreshing and invigorating … what a great artist … thank you yet again for another deep view into other orbits in our beautiful universe.

  2. what a great day! haven’t listened yet but i’m very excited. great taste and magical touch on everything this guy does. the new abum is pure gold. been listening to it all day! thank you!

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