10 thoughts on “The Bill Frisell Interview

  1. This is great. The mention of the old Yoshi’s in Oakland gave me a pang. I saw so many wonderful players there during the 90s. One of Tony Williams’ last gigs was one. One of the greatest was the Abdullah Ibrahim trio. My friend and I sat two feet away and caught both sets, just glorious stuff.

    I saw some great stuff at the new Yoshi’s, too, but the sound was not the same.

  2. What amazes me the most about Bill is that you can hear, see, learn every note and chord he plays and still don’t understand from where comes the magic…is it his touch, his way of telling musical stories…? Well…I just thank him for not persevering in the path to become another John McLaughlin (I read on some DOWNBEAT that when his was young, he was trying to learn McLaughlin’s style and technique but simply couldn’t do it – and who can?)…

    Thanks for the interview, Michael!

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