The Andy Summers Interview

A few years ago, I was contacted by Andy Summers’ publicist regarding interviewing him about his then new record, Metal Dog, a masterpiece of modern guitar mayhem. Now he has a new book of hilarious short stories, Fretted and Moaning, and a new record, Harmonics of the Night, so it seemed like a perfect time to chat again. We spoke in general terms about gear but he was kind enough to also send me a more specific list, available below.

Andy Summers  Pedal Board.  2020-2021

This is the pedal board for the solo multi-media show.

Strymon         Big Sky

MXR                Carbon Copy and Echoplex

Boss               Vibrato

EHX                Freeze

Lovepedal      overdrive

Klon                Centaur

Digitech         Whammy

TC                   Brainwaves, Chorus, Ditto

Ernie Ball       Volume Pedal Jr

Eventide Eclipse

Used in conjunction with a CAE mixer  (Bob Bradshaw)


These are pedals used for Harmonics of the Night

EHX                            Oceans 11

Flux Machines          Wonderground

Mad Professor          Golden Cello

MWFX                        Glitch, Judder

Zvex                            Lo-Fi Junky

Mid-Fi Electronics    Pitch Pirate

Paul Trombetta         Rotobone

Red Panda                Particle

Guitars:  Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul Gold Top, Fender Fretless Jazz Bass , Carol Kaye Bass


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