Sly & Robbie meet Nils Petter Molvaer & Eivind Aarset: The Full Concert

For those of us who couldn’t make it to Europe to see this, here it is, the full concert—every bit as amazing as you might suspect. Great shots of Eivind’s gear, grooves to die for, and cool, dub-style sampling from Vladislav Delay.


8 thoughts on “Sly & Robbie meet Nils Petter Molvaer & Eivind Aarset: The Full Concert

  1. I really love this. Thanks for having shared. This whole realm of muddy dub jazz connects to early Grassy Knoll, and to Bill Laswell, and to Ben Neill, and it rarely tires to my ears. So much goodness.

  2. I saw this line up at London’s Barbican the other night, and while on paper it was very intriguing, personally I found the match between Norwegian nu-jazz and Caribbean rock steady to be shaky at best. I’d imagined that dub would suit freeform electronica really well, but somehow it didn’t gel. Maybe it was the mix that was wrong. However I’d have liked to see Delay on his own with the Riddim Twins – his live mixing was intriguing. And it’s always great to see Eivind at work. His duet with Nils Petter on their old tune Kakonita was as magical as ever…

  3. inspired collaboration, so much space in the grooves Sly and Robbie lay down, refreshingly free of fusion chatter

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