New Post Notification Test

Hi All,

Hope you and yours are safe and healthy.

Since March 14th’s post of Guitar Moderne Record Picks, it appears subscribers who signed up for email notification about new posts have not been getting  them. I have since posted my 2020 NAMM report and a great screed by Danny Barnes about making a living in the music business, which you may have missed.

We think the problem is fixed so I am doing this test to make sure. If you feel like responding to let us know that you received it, great. If not, no worries.

Once I am sure it is working I hope to provide plenty of posts to keep you occupied in lockdown. I appreciate your support and am sorry for the inconvenience.

Michael Ross


20 thoughts on “New Post Notification Test

  1. Didn’t get anything about Danny Barnes but I’m so glad to hear about it now.
    Danny is one of the greatest artists I’ve heard.
    His work is beyond. Barnyard electronics rock the cosmos, and his recent bible in southern-speak is hilarious.
    I just keep finding more and more to love about Guitar Moderne, thank you so very much.
    Now let’s get Danny and Bill Frisell to put out a record….

  2. I got this one but did miss those others, which I definitely want to check out. Thanks for your diligence. And stay safe.

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