New Eivind Live

Unfortunately not a continuous video but any new Eivind in performance is welcome. Especially interesting because the airline lost his pedals and he had to make do with some borrowed effects. Further proof that the sound is in the mind, heart, and fingers of the player. 


2 thoughts on “New Eivind Live

  1. I think Eivind is a great musician, not only a player. We got too many players, indeed. I mean, he could whistle and transmit what he thinks, what he feels: instruments are only a means to an end. I remember Sviatoslav Richter, when an old lady told him: “I would give my life to play like you” and he answered: I already did. A musician feels a responsibility towards sound and soul beyond any medium. And from there, he maintains a passionate relationship with her.

  2. Thanks for posting these. I can never get enough of Eivind Aarset… amazing to hear after losing his gear at the airport.

    Did you see the tribute concert video to Jon Hassell? The concert was with Eivind Aarset and other musicians that had played with Hassell over the years. It was on youtube for a few days and then it disappeared…

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