New Acoustic Guitar

The June issue of Guitar Player features four modern acoustic players and a list of six more, under the heading New Acoustic Universe. But is this music really new? All the players are technical masters and worth checking out—many even play purely “acoustic” guitar (albeit amplified or recorded with a microphone). But most rework the open tuning, harmonics, tapping and body beating practices that have been around for over a decade

A notable exception is the leadoff guitarist, Sergio Altamura.

Though played on nominally acoustic instruments, Altimura’s amazing music relies on pickups, processing and looping. This is not just “guitar.” Rather than an aggregation of techniques, the guitarist creates memorable compositions that, while employing some of the idiosyncratic characteristics of the instrument, transcend it into the realm of pure music.


One thought on “New Acoustic Guitar

  1. Stunning compositions! The soundtrack to an ancient tribal ceremony cast in the primordial mist of a rainforest at dusk … You know who’d like this? Prog-rock fans 😉

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