Monetization: The Dilemma


To be able to devote more time to Guitar Moderne, exposing you to more artists, tools of the trade, and covering anything else of interest to fans and purveyors of modern guitar, I am contemplating ways to derive some sort of income stream from the website.

Much as it is a labor of love, an income would leave me more hours to track down and interview new and exciting artists, review pedals, make videos, etc.

I am throwing it open to you, the readers of Guitar Moderne, as to what kind of monetization would make you most comfortable. Under consideration are a number of possibilities:


This would be restricted to static banner ads for products that you might find interesting (no animated distractions, or penis enlargement ads).

 Opt-in email list

This would be an email list you could choose to be included in, or not. I would then sell this list only to manufacturers of products that might interest you, i.e. guitar gear, recording equipment, etc. I would also maintain a separated mailing list of Guitar Moderne readers who choose not to be on the commercial list, but still want updates about posts. (The current list is completely private.)


Full access to Guitar Moderne would cost some nominal amount per month ($1 or $2)—less than a fancy coffee. If there are enough subscribers I could keep Guitar Moderne ad free.

Please chime in on the Community Page at or on Facebook with your thoughts or any other ideas (a bake sale?)





7 thoughts on “Monetization: The Dilemma

  1. Firstly, this is a great site and I’ve told a bunch of players about it.

    Anyway to support it sounds good. A few adds and guitar related emails are no problem to me.

  2. hey, I would subscribe for a low cost like that. Perhaps advertising as well might work out and not take over too much?

  3. your ‘zine has becme just about the only publication i’m intested in reading these days (besides the sweetwater catalog!)
    i endorse any and all methods b y which you could derive income from it. subscription seems like the best option to me. although i don’t really want to see your elegant little interface gunked up with advertising, i’d still support that, or whatever other direction you think would be most advatageous.

  4. I think that there must be a lot of manufacturers who would love a spot on a targeted mailing list. You should certainly look at all options. There are some nice plugins for WordPress to integrate them. As a reader I say chase some bread for yourself!

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