Modern Classical Music?

One or two hundred years ago guitarists like Mick Barr and Kevin Hufnagel would likely still have spent hours and days cloistered in their rooms. Had they lived back then they would have been composing symphonies or strings quartets, influenced by masters Mozart and Bach. Instead, as children of our electronic age, they were raised on a diet of screaming electric guitars. So while their music exhibits many of the attributes of the classical genre: long form, through composed, and technically demanding; instead of violins, flutes and clarinets, we get Gibson SGs cranked through distortion.


One thought on “Modern Classical Music?

  1. HA! I remember sitting slaw-jawed watching the Octis video for the first time. Completely amazing retention skills on these two. WOW.

    The second clip is equally humbling. And, even more scary – these are both LIVE.

    Long live the SG.

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