Introducing: Meris Enzo

From Meris, the folks who gave you the Ottobit Jr , comes the Enzo. The Enzo ($299 USD) is a multi-voice synthesizer that will track a guitar for monosynth leads, complex chord polyphony, and multi-note sequenced arpeggiation. It can completely transform your input signal and re-synthesize it using a combination of multimode analog style synth filters, ring modulation, and filter envelopes without any special pickup installation.


Multi-Voice Dual Oscillator Synth architecture with selectable waveforms

Two Tap Delay with Time, Feedback, Modulation, and special two stage level control

Three Synth modes: Poly Synth, Mono Synth, and Arpeggiated Synth

Two Distinct Tunable Envelope Types: Triggered and Envelope Follower

Tunable Portamento Time for smooth transitions between synth notes and pitch shifts

Sustain control for extending your volume envelope all the way to endless synth hold

Adjustable Compressor with Threshold and Mix for your input signal (Dry mode)

Custom six-mode filter with frequency, bandwidth (resonance), and envelope

Wide-ranging Ring Modulation with ability to assign envelope control

Digitally controlled Analog mix control

Stereo input and output

Switchable input/output headroom level for Guitar or Synth/Line level

Expression pedal control over all parameters simultaneously

Presets available via external 4-Preset switch or MIDI

MIDI in/out over TRS via the EXP jack

External Tap Tempo over TRS

MIDI beat clock synchronization

Premium analog signal path and 24-bit AD/DA w/32 bit floating point DSP

Premium Analog Devices JFET input section

Color – translucent coat of vibrant gold over brushed aluminum

Designed and built in Los Angeles, California U.S.A.


2 thoughts on “Introducing: Meris Enzo

  1. gosh, i see my resistance to transforming my guitar sound into a non-guitar-reminiscent sound crumbling down to pieces with this piece of Vincenzo box.

    much as i tried hard to ignore the EHX Superego at first, and the Superego + at last, and to be frank without succeeding at either instance, i can only rate this Meris Enzo as more organic and natural than any of them two.

    might be the à-la-Strymon-demo-effect with intelligent licks, non-banal voicings and carefully chosen phrases, and of all companies, Meris may have learnt quite a few tricks from Strymon… fact is, the WANT! neon sign is blinking over the door of my music room where SILENCE! RECORDING NOW was once steady lit.

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