Happy 70th Birthday David Gilmour

I have always been a David Gilmour fan. I love his glorious Pink Floyd guitar solos, which laid the grit and soul of the blues on a bed of European prog majesty, though I tend to prefer his own records, with their straightforward lyrics, his choirboy vocals, and supporting players like Pino Palladino, Jeff Porcaro, and Andy Newmark. Here he is six years ago in all his undiminished glory: that tone, that vibrato, the awesomely cool black Strat. As a bonus, that’s Roxy Music’s Phil Manzanera taking a solo as well.


3 thoughts on “Happy 70th Birthday David Gilmour

  1. It’s great to see David Gilmour recognized on a site dedicated to electronic effects, even if it is slightly ironic. His work on Darkside of the Moon, and his amazing solos on the song “Money” in particular, were done over 40 years ago, when effects were mostly reverb, tremolo and fuzz. But more importantly, the sounds that he and the engineers achieved with analog technology and a handful of guitars merely enhanced his incredible talent, imagination and creativity. His mastery of the instrument is what remains dominant.

    • Just for the record, Guitar Moderne is not dedicated to electronic effects. Though many of the guitarists here use effects in creative ways, some, like Derek Bailey and Ken Aldcroft use no effects at all. David Gilmour is honored here because his use of fuzz, tremolo, delay, and reverb were, for his time, very forward thinking. Also, his juxtaposition of blues riffs with odd times and atmospherics was also innovative for the time, which makes him perfect for Guitar Moderne in an historical sense. Thanks for checking out the post and hope you like some other guitarists you find here.

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