Guitar Moderne Festival XXV

It looks like things are opening up. But if you are like me—not quite ready to hang out around hundreds or thousands of people who may or may not have been vaccinated—you might prefer to stick with the Guitar Moderne virtual festival. Watch some newly available videos by legends Terje Rypdal and Bill Frisell, as well as great performances by A-team modern guitarists Mike Baggetta, Marc Ribot, and Eliot Sharp in the comfort of your disease-free home.

Terje Rypdal 70! with Palle Mikkelborg at Victoria Jazzscene, 2017.

Mike Baggetta Solo


Bill Frisell Trio Kemptener Jazzfrühling 01.05.2021

John Zorn Book of Angels Marciac 2012

Marc Ribot / Spiritual Unity, Vision Festival XII, June 19, 2007

Bootstrappers: Elliott Sharp, Melvin Gibbs & Don McKenzie live at Silver Cord Studios


3 thoughts on “Guitar Moderne Festival XXV

  1. Thanks again for all the great videos. Don’t ever think I’m not watching them, I just don’t use email often…KEEP ‘EM COMIN!

  2. Who can argue with a well-written pop song? Seriously, interesting collection. Good to (sort of) catch up with Ribot. Thanks for putting this together.

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