Guitar Moderne Festival XXIII

There are no end of summer festivals. In fact no one can say when we will see any more festivals—period. Still, you can always count on more virtual, germ-free festivals here at Guitar Moderne.

Pioneers Sonic Youth in a full set at The Basement in 2007

Extended versions of the guitar from Trey Gunn and Markus Reuter, live at SeaProg 2019.

Japanese modern guitar pioneer Otomo Yoshihide in a rare stateside performance at Transformer Station, in Cleveland in 2016

Rafiq Bhatia on fire with the Vijay Iyer Trriioo++ at The Stone, NYC in 2015 (not 2105).

The art world’s gain is the modern guitar world’s loss, but here is Alex Gunia before he switched to painting, with Ivar Grydeland in Oslo

Upstate New York guitarists Sal Cataldi and Rick Warren perform as Guitars A Go Go at the Sonic Vision Looping Festival


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