Guitar Moderne Festival XXII

It is still looking like summer festival season will be cancelled. But fear not; you can count on Guitar Moderne to continue to supply virtual, germ-free festivals like this. Pandemic is creating new paradigms for performance. Solo looping, already popular, ensures social distancing from band members. Those musicians brave (or foolhardy—you be the judge) enough to play together in an enclosed space are often doing so without an audience save for a skeleton camera crew.

For economic and artistic reasons, we were already starting to see a trend towards solo looping performances. Prepare to see more like this one by Christer Fredriksen, performed at his local concert hall.

A small group, audience-free session in small a club from
Xander Naylor, Ryan Dugre, and Jason Nazary at the Off-Brand Music Series

Ava Mendoza, Hamid Drake, Adam Lane, and Matt Nelson were filmed at last year’s
Vision Festival 24

Jim Black, Steuart Liebig, and GE Stinson from a 2018 performance at LA’s Blue Whale Set1

Set 2


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