Guitar Moderne Festival XVI

Stay in a nice air-conditioned space during this heat wave and enjoy a festival of modern guitar superstars and young upstarts.

Stian Westerhus, with Helge Sten on Buchla-synth, Frode Haltli on accordion, Ståle Storløkken on keys, and, Erland Dahlen on drums

Eivind Aarset with Sly and Robbie from 2015. New tour starting this month.

Nicola Hein solo guitar at Spectrum in Brooklyn

Bloor (not to be confused with Reg Bloor) is new face Andrew Smiley on guitar with Sam Weinberg on sax, and drummer Jason Nazary.


4 thoughts on “Guitar Moderne Festival XVI

  1. A always, you do share excellent stuff. Some of these guys I am already well familiar with, but even those that I’m not, I can always trust to be worthy of a listen. Thanks! — TK

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Just a note: there is nothing new about Andrew Smiley and Jason Nazary. They were together half of Little Women (along with saxophonists Darius Jones and Travis Laplante), a truly stupendous Brooklyn group that must be heard to be believed. Their 2010 album Throat is staggering.

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