Guitar Moderne Festival XIX

With the holidays coming, you may have some extra time and/or need to retreat to another room while the family argues about politics. These should keep you busy. Featuring Nick Reinhart playing jazz?!), Ava Mendoza, Bob Lanzetti, Keisuke Matsuno, and others.

David Binney Nick Reinhart Justin Brown Eric Revis Chris Fishman Blue Whale 1st Set Full

David Binney – Nick Reinhart – Eric Revis – Justin Brown – Chris Fishman 2nd Set Full

Adam Caine Quartet – at Ibeam, Brooklyn – November 15 2019

Leimgruber / Willers / Curran / Spera – Rome-Ing recording of the show available at Leo Records (UK)

Welf Dorr Unit – November 17, 2019 Look for my interview with Keisuke Matsuno coming soon.

Sarah Bernstein, Ava Mendoza, Adam Lane, Vijay Anderson – November 17, 2019


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