Guitar Moderne Festival XIV

The weather outside is frightful but at GM it is so delightful because we have a festival of concerts by modern guitar pioneer David Torn, Jam Pedals founder Jannis Anastasakis, as well as Guitar Moderne Spotlight subjects Nicola L. Hein, Hans Tammen, and Martin Siewert. So snuggle up in your jammies and check them out.

Sun of Goldfinger in Schlachthof, Wels, Austria

David Torn (guitar, effects), Tim Berne (saxophone), Ches Smith (drums)

Jannis Anastasakis

Jannis Anastasakis (guitars, effects, live-sampling, analog synth-bass), Guido De Flaviis (baritone sax), Giannis Notaras (drums), COM.ODD.OR (visuals)

Marc Ribot: Musical Improvisation in the Marlene Dumas Exhibition

Hein/Krauss /Tammen at Spectrum, Brooklyn

Klement/Siewert at Interpenetration

Katharina Klement (piano), Martin Siewert (guitar, electronics)


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