Guitar Moderne Festival VII

Summer is Festival time. The United States offers huge gatherings featuring classic rock acts cashing in on their legacy, hip bands doing reunion tours featuring their one record that sold, baby bands that may or may not last a year and other pop ephemera.  Meanwhile, over in Europe, American jazz artists tour festivals in super groups that could never afford to play together back home, making their rent for the year.

Here at Guitar Moderne we offer a virtual festival: no camping, no porta-potties, no stifling heat or mud. Just the enjoyment of the best in modern guitar in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy.

Bill Frisell – Live at Montreal Jazz Festival 2002 [FULL HD]

Nguyen Le ”Songs of Freedom” Full Concert

Marc Ribot Trio with Mary Halvorson at The Stone Pt 1 – 4

Richard Pinhas @ Tusk Mini 2014


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