Guitar Moderne Festival IV

Summer is festival season, so here is the fourth installment of the Guitar Moderne Festival.

We start off with Part 5 of an amazing grouping from 1994 of Terje Rypdal, Billy Cobham, and Victor Bailey. Possibly the most burning visual Rypdal ever recorded.

Part I, Part II, Part IIIPart IV

A little palate cleanser from Gareth Whittock. Here he explains his Om Guitar and plays some beautiful meditative Ebow.

Next up is David Kollar’s teacher and mentor Andrej Šeban, solo and in duo with drummer Martin Valihora (feel free to skip the talking in the middle). One rarely sees the Digitech Whammy used quite like this.

Finally, Jan Bang + PUNKT Ensemble from the AND POPPIES FROM KANDAHAR” tour, at the15th Garana Jazz Festival, Poiana Lupului Garana, Romania. It might be hard to distinguish Eivind Aarset’s (or anyone’s) individual sonic contributions from the whole, but ultimately their magical blend is what sets this band apart.

Part II, Part III 


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