GTR Live: David Torn, Vernon Reid, Elliott Sharp

At the risk of seeming nostalgic for past glories of a genre that should be all about the future, let me ask: Where are the events like this today? Barring the occasional Nels Cline/Bill Frisell or Eivind Aarset/David Kollar duet, where are the collaborations of modern guitarists of this caliber on view in this video? Feel free to chime in, if you know of recent ones I’ve missed.

The concert was fabulously filmed—the camera usually focuses on the guitarist creating the foreground sound. What seems an old VHS or Beta transfer doesn’t look too bad, even in full screen, and the sound is quite clear as well. Check it out fast, as these channels have a way of being shut down.


8 thoughts on “GTR Live: David Torn, Vernon Reid, Elliott Sharp

    • That is a great group of guitarists. Saw Buddy Miller last night coming out of a Bill Frisell concert. The music is at best roots moderne, though, and I’m, afraid the clashing slap-backs drove me crazy within a minute.

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